The overall automated solution for African swine fever virus detection

African swine fever is an acute, febrile, and highly contact animal infectious disease of domestic pigs and wild boars caused by the African swine fever virus. Pigs of all breeds and ages can be infected, and the morbidity and mortality rate can reach 100. %. The World Organization for Animal Health lists it as a statutory reportable animal disease, and China also lists it as a type of animal disease. Since August 2018, African swine fever has continued to occur in China, causing a certain devastating impact on the domestic pig breeding industry. Therefore, early detection of African swine fever virus is a key means to prevent the spread of African swine fever

AMTK, as a leading manufacturer of liquid handling workstations in China, combined with African swine fever virus detection reagent manufacturers to jointly develop an automated overall solution for swine fever virus detection, which can realize the detection of large quantities of samples, speed up early virus screening, and prevent the rapid spread of the epidemic .



Experimental flowchart

Collect samples

Animal tissue nucleic acid sample preservation tube


Direct sampling, convenient and quick, suitable for room temperature storage of 1cm³ tissue sample DNA.

There is no need to use liquid nitrogen or dry ice, and the samples can be stored directly at room temperature and transported long distances.

DNA samples can be stored for more than 1 year at room temperature.

The sample can be used for a variety of follow-up experiments on DNA.


Rapid DNA extraction reagent

Simple operation: It greatly saves the experiment steps and time, and the sample processing only needs 3-5min.

Suitable for a wide range of sample types: including blood, tissue, cells, swabs, saliva, pig hair follicles, etc.

Directly perform downstream experiments: After sample processing, it can be directly used as a template for PCR and qPCR experiments.


Magnetic Beads Method Virus Extraction Kit

Pre-packed reagents can be provided, and the operation is simple and fast.

Specially coated biological magnetic beads and a unique buffer system are used to extract viral nucleic acids with high purity and high yield.

It can be used in conjunction with the magnetic beads method automatic purification system and liquid workstation. Large-scale extraction greatly reduces the workload and human error.


>Automatic nucleic acid extractor

ME-32 rapid nucleic acid extractor

Maximum throughput: 32 samples/batch

Time: 10-30min/batch (related to the kit)

Compatible with different brands of nucleic acid extraction kits

Easy to operate, touch film screen visual interface


ME-480 ultra-high-throughput automatic nucleic acid extraction system

Maximum throughput: 480 samples/batch

Single sample operation cost is low

Time: 10-30min/batch (related to the kit)

With automatic reagent dispensing function, compatible with pre-dispensing and bottled reagent kits


Automated qPCR system construction

LH-1406 Multifunctional Liquid Handling Workstation

Compatible with all fluorescence quantitative detection kits

With a refrigeration module, the enzyme reagent is placed at low temperature to maintain its activity

It can prepare up to 10 plates of 96-well or 384-well PCRmix system at a time, with high efficiency and strong application range. It can be used for nucleic acid extraction, reagent or sample packaging, transfer, etc., with multiple functions in one machine, reducing operating costs